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Moving to Cabo was a life-changing experience! Originally from Calgary, Canada most of Samantha’s 30-year professional career was not spent in Real Estate but in IT, managing projects across diverse industries. It was during a vacation to Cabo San Lucas with her husband that Samantha fell in love with the area, its people and the culture. It didn’t take long before she and her husband built a home and laid down roots in Cabo.

Living in the area and having purchased and built a home, Samantha became extremely knowledgeable about property ownership in Mexico and Cabo’s many communities. Samantha’s ability to listen to and understand her client’s needs, her in-depth knowledge of the area and her high level of personal service ensures her clients complete satisfaction. Samantha is well respected in the Los Cabos area by
clients and colleagues for her uncompromising integrity, hard work ethics and honesty. Using leading-edge marketing strategies, savvy negotiation techniques and professional project management skills, Samantha works hard to ensure her clients’ success and satisfaction, whether they are selling their home or looking to make a dream reality. 

Thanks to loyal clientele, personal referrals, and repeat business, Samantha has formed a solid foundation for her Real Estate career. Samantha has also chosen her associates with care, ensuring every member of her team works hard to provide her clients with the very best in advice and assistance in their home purchase or sale.

Samantha is licensed as a Real Estate Agent by the State of Baja California Sur, Mexico and is certified to “Sell Real Estate in Tourist Zones” in Mexico by Conocer, a nationally recognized government certification organization.

BCS Licencia: LIC-RAPIBCS-0068

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Mexico Mobile        +52 (624) 129-7975 (WhatsApp, iMessage, Text)
CAN/US Mobile       +1 (872) 222-6726  (WhatsApp, Text)
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Dean Short


Dean is passionate about Cabo. The lifestyle, the weather and the stunning ocean views. There’s nothing else that describes life in Cabo like having coffee outside on the patio every day of the year. After having first visited during a cruise ship layover over in the early 90s, it became a dream of Dean’s to leave the cold Canadian weather and live a different life in the warm Mexico sun. Moving to another country was something Dean was familiar with having previously lived in Ireland. During a holiday to Cabo with his wife, they decided to make his dream a reality and together they built their Cabo dream home. It was during that process that Dean came to understand the importance of having a trustworthy realtor with unparalleled business ethics, strong analytical and negotiation skills. Dean decided to apply all of his skills and turn his efforts into being one of the best realtors in Cabo. Using all of his skills, Dean provides thorough price comparisons to support negotiations or listing price recommendations. Dean also is a savvy user of technology including video production and social media marketing. Together we work hard to provide clients with the very best in advice and assistance in their home purchase or sale.

Dean is licensed as a Real Estate Agent by the State of Baja California Sur, Mexico and is certified to "Sell Real Estate in Tourist Zones" in Mexico by Conocer, a nationally recognized government certification organization. BCS Licencia: LIC-RAPIBCS-0064