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The dream is now reality

Living in Cabo

Cabo is great and living here is amazing. Yes, you can live your dream in Cabo. There is a price point here for everyone. Whether you are planning to be a full time resident, a winter snowbird, an investor or simply need that getaway home, Cabo is where you can find it. In this Living section and in our Lifestyle Blogs we offer tips, advice and information on living everyday in Cabo.

The Los Cabos Area

In Spanish “Cabo” means Cape. On the Cape that is the very southern tip of the rugged Baja California Peninsula lies Los Cabos or “The Capes”.

Los Cabos is just over 1,000 miles from California, USA border. Los Cabos is the municipality that encompasses the cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo and takes in all the coastline in between know as the “Corridor”.

It is a premiere tourist destination in Mexico where luxury meets comfort with beautiful landscapes and fun under the sun. It is home to over 100,000 permanent residents and 330+ days of sunshine each year. Easy access to the US and Canada thanks to numerous direct flights, modern infrastructure and friendly people make coming back to Cabo so appealing.

The Allure of Los Cabos

When people come to Los Cabos they are often overwhelmed: the sun, the beaches, the tequila, the warm and friendly people. You soak it all in and think those bumper stickers are right, there really are no bad days here.

You graduate from the all-inclusive resorts to renting a condo and having a rental car. You find amazing produce at the local grocery stores. You find the warmth and comfort of home by having a Home Depot, a Costco and a Walmart handy. Having a car means freedom to explore and you’ve been having Baja Chicken Soup in Los Barriles, strolling through artisan shops in Todos Santos and watching the sunset on Cerritos Beach.

You love the Marina in San Lucas, the town square in San Jose. You like the quiet and laid back vibe of San Jose or maybe you prefer the vibrant action and sounds of San Lucas at night. Learning and practicing your Spanish is fun and you have your favorite spots and you may even find you’re becoming a “local” somewhere.

You shop, cook, live and have fun almost like being at home with a twist that’s addictive. After a few more holidays to Cabo you think this place is awesome! I should retire here! I should own a place here! I should own a rental place here! This place is for us!

You see shops around the Marina with Real Estate listings. You’ve been intrigued. Maybe you’ve even stopped in to chat. You hear about prices. It seems doable. You go home and surf the internet, you see more listings and read all about buying in Mexico. Many ex-pat sites tell you about how to pay your power bill and internet bill, how to get Satellite TV from home and a lot of other useful tips to help sort out living here.

Most of all you’re loving those photos you see on-line of the ocean views from that condo or house you’re dreaming about. You see the Sea of Cortez and Lands End. Look at this one, it has views of El Arco. Another has stunning views of Palmilla. You love it and you want it!

…and now you’re here and you need to start doing all those everyday things!


Don’t know Spanish? Many locals speak English, Google translate gets better all the time and it’s rather easy to learn enough everyday Spanish to get by. For more complicated things – like getting a local drivers license – there are people here who can help your who are very reasonable priced. We can help you find them.


San Jose Del Cabo | Major Stores
  • Walmart | a full Walmart Super Centre with Groceries and all that you would expect
  • Sorianas | similar to Walmart
  • La Comer (was Mega) | similar to Walmart
  • Chedraui Selecto | an amazing progressive shopping and grocery experience with numerous cafes inside and wine and beer tasting kiosks
  • City Club | like a Costco, part of Sorianas group
  • Fresko | an upscale and progressive shopping and grocery experience | part of La Comer
Cabo San Lucas | Major Stores
  • Walmart | a full Walmart Super Centre with Groceries and all that you would expect
  • Sorianas | similar to Walmart
  • Costco | yes just like back home with some differences
  • City Club | like a Costco, part of Sorianas group
  • La Comer (was Mega) | similar to Walmart
  • Chedraui | similar to Walmart
  • Chedraui Selecto | COMING SOON TO CABO | an amazing progressive shopping and grocery experience with numerous cafes inside and wine and beer tasting kiosks
Local shops and Carnecerias

There are numerous local shops and convenience stores. Shopping in local stores and “Carnicerias” aka Butcher Shops and “Pescaderías” aka Fish Markets and fresh vegetable markets can lead you to some amazing prices and quality. We have a favorite Carniceria we can tell you all about. For the fast quart of milk OXXO is a regular fixture all over the area to meet your convenience needs.

When you are absolutely missing all things from home, there are the following specialty locations that have a wide range of imported items:

  • The Santa Carmela Market – with locations in Cabo San Lucas across from the Santa Carmella community and near Palmilla on the corridor
  • California Ranch Market – in Cabo San Lucas near the Marina and at the Shoppes in Palmilla

Mail Service

Mexican postal service is notoriously poor. For most Canadians, Americans and Europeans who need mail service it can not be relied on to get you mail in a timely manner. To answer this need, a number of mail service providers have been established with US postal addresses usually in San Diego. First you arrange for your mail to go to these San Diego addresses, your mail will be received and shipped to your provider’s local store in Todo Santos, Cabo San Lucas, San Jose Del Cabo or Los Barriles. There you can stop in and pick it up from your mailbox. The services are very reasonably priced and allow you to stay connected to home (if you so choose). Each of them offer freight forwarding services.

  • Daily Mail | FaceBook | Cabo San Lucas (US & CDN Mailing Addresses)
  • Mailboxes Cabo | Facebook | Cabo San Lucas
  • Mail Boxes Los Barriles (Baja Mail)| Facebook & Website | Los Barriles
  • Mail Boxes Todo Santos (Baja Mail) | Facebook & Website | Todo Santos
  • Postall | Website | Todo Santos and San Jose Del Cabo

Freight Forwarding

Los Cabos is like an island with most things being brought in from mainland Mexico or the United States. Many things you may want might be difficult to find locally. There are many “Freight Forwarders” who will bring you want you want down the Baja and either deliver it to your home or to a pick-up point. Let’s say you find the perfect living room furniture set in a showroom in the states and the seller will ship it anywhere in the lower 48 states. You have it shipped to your forwarder who will receive it at their warehouse location (typically San Diego) and then will ship it down the Baja to you. Freight Forwarders typically operate on fee based on a % of the value of the goods you are shipping (not including shipping to their location).