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The Gringo Gazette

The Gringo Gazette

Extra, extra, read all about it!

If your missing your newspaper fix while you are on vacation in Los Cabos, look no further than the Gringo Gazette. Found outside most bars, restaurants, and hotels in Los Cabos, the paper can also be picked up at newsstands on almost every street corner in Los Cabos. The free English only newspaper is published bi-weekly and is packed full of articles guaranteed to educate and amuse every reader.

Most of the contributors are English speaking ex-pats with second homes in Mexico. The newspaper features articles and information about local golf, fishing, restaurants, and tourist activities. There is also a great classifieds section not to be missed.

The newspaper has been published since 1995 and has two editions which service the Northern and Southern Baja regions. Each paper is colored with news, events, and information relevant to the region. The  Gringo Gazette can also be accessed online to subscribe to a regular news feed, or you can have your paper delivered to your US address with a paid subscription.

So sit back with your Margarita, put your feet up and enjoy what for sure is going to be an interesting and colorful read. Perhaps you may even find a surprise or two.