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About Los Cabos Investment Rental Properties

Many people ask us about buying in Los Cabos and being able to rent the condo or house out for supplemental income to offset operating costs, payback financing or return on investment.  Many people are looking for that toe hold in Los Cabos with a eye to earning some income from the property before they retire to either spend their winters here or make it a full time home.   Some investors out there are looking for that destination vacation “rental machine”.   We can help you all!

In nearly every instance someone asks about a property with rental potential, we recommend a condo.  A house with a garden and a pool to take care of tends to be a bigger commitment that we wouldn’t recommend unless you are going to be resident here to keep an eye on it or can find yourself a super-reliable property manager.

Our experiences with showing our clients properties have led us to group top condo rental options into 3 vacation experiences:

In the following sections we talk about each experience and developments where you can find them.  Click on each link above to jump to the section.

City and Beach Walkable

This vacation rental experience is for someone looking for that close connection to the downtown life of Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo with the beach close at hand.  A walk on the beach in the morning, a swim at the complex pool in the afternoon and then out and about for the evening.  This is something a lot of renters are looking for, everything walkable and free of having to drive.  For this vacation rental experience we recommend you check out our City and Walkable Condos pages for all the listings we think are walkable.

In addition to our “Walkable Condos Pages” above, we encourage our buyers to consider the following featured condos specifically as they have reputations as being excellent rental properties.

Cabo San Lucas – Featured Beach & City Walkable Condos
San Jose del Cabo – Featured Beach & City Walkable Condos

Toes in the Sand

This vacation rental experience is all about being beachfront!  Going to sleep and waking to waves crashing on the beach and the smell of the sea air.  Vacationers will pay top dollar to be “toes in the sand”.  This type of vacation experience comes in many locations and price points from the Hacienda Beach Club in Cabo San Lucas with its immediate walkability to the city to distant seclusion of El Encanto de la Laguna east of San Jose.

Secluded & Private

The secluded and private vacation rental experience is about getting away from it all while having pools, fitness facilities and other resort type amenities nearby. Being able to wake up to peace and tranquility knowing hustle and bustle are some distance away. There are a number of condo complexes that can give you degrees of this but none better than our own favorite Copala Condos. Below are feature pages of a number of condos that can offer the secluded and private vacation experience.

How to choose?

So you are now thinking which one do we choose?  You need to see how each sort of experience suits your present and future plans. Trying out one of these experiences by renting in one of the complexes also provides an opportunity for you to see if the experience suits you and your future plans.

Contact us and we’ll help you with any questions!

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