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Our dream of owning a home in Cabo could not have become a reality without the assistance and guidance of Samantha Ross.

My wife and I were on a short 5-day cruise to Mexico stopping at Cabo. Over the years, we have fantasized about owning property in Cabo but had never really thought it was in reach. The cruise ship stopped for a day in Cabo and we decided to go and explore Cabo with no plans or excursions scheduled. We were just “winging it” and thought we would just let things happen. While Valerie and I were walking off the ship and into the streets of Cabo, we were discussing what we would do for the day. I said to my wife, Valerie, why don’t we find a realtor and see if we can’t get a flavor for the homes in the area. She said that it was a great idea since we always dreamed of having our own place in Cabo! However, she pointed out that we did not know any realtors, so how could we accomplish this on such short notice? I responded, let’s just go into the first realtor office we find and see what happens. That’s exactly what we did. As fate would have it, we met two realtors who were in the office and started a conversation about how much we love Cabo and was wondering if we could see any listings in the area. One of the realtors, Samantha (Sam) Ross, asked us how much time we had and offered to drive us around the different areas and take a look at some condos and homes. We couldn’t believe that Sam would offer to do this knowing we are just “looking” and we would be getting on our cruise ship in a few hours perhaps never to see us again. We were very excited and appreciative of Sam’s offer and off we went. What an exciting day we had! Sam drove around the areas and called some open houses for us to look at. She was professional, fun to talk with, and very informative and knowledgeable. At the end of our tour with Sam, we exchanged our contact information and went back to the ship for departure the next morning. When we got back home, in Huntington Beach, CA, we thanked Sam again for her time and effort that she devoted to us that fateful day. Sam gave us some real estate websites and MLS links for us to review. For several months we were looking at different homes and areas within the Cabo area and started to make a list of homes we liked. Through this time and with Sam’s guidance, we were able to achieve what we believed to be our “short list” of homes that we thought we would be interested in. Valerie and I went through hundreds of condos and single-family residences which took approximately a year achieve. Now the time had come for us to make a trip to Cabo and take a look at our choices. In February 2018, Valerie and I spent 4 days in Cabo. Two of those days were with Sam looking at our short list of residences. Through it all, Sam focused on what we wanted and how we felt about each home and concentrated on us rather than on selling a home. She was engaging in our discussions and offered candid thoughts about the properties for our benefit, not hers. Sam genuinely wanted Valerie and I to find the right home. That is what she cared about and never wavered from this foundation of trust. At the end of the trip we made an offer on a home and it was accepted. In June 2018, we became the proud and grateful owners of a gorgeous home in Cabo San Lucas! We believe that our dream of owning a home in Cabo could not have become a reality without the assistance and guidance of our friend, Samantha Ross. Looking back on that fateful day when Valerie and I stepped into Sam’s office to the day we closed escrow on our home is an amazing story for us to share. I don’t believe it is that amazing for Sam as she lives her work life and personal life in the same way with everyone she meets. In Sam’s mind, it is the only way to be because that is who she is…simply amazing!

When we met Samantha we found the ideal person to help us find our vacation property dream

As fellow Canadians, we were immediately put at ease when we met Samantha and felt we had found the ideal person to help us find our vacation property dream. Numerous long-distance phone calls, emails and Skyping to keep us informed of the process, made it less onerous for us to purchase property in a foreign country. Sam even graciously handled the signing of the final paperwork due to delays in construction completion when we were unable to be there personally for the closing. If you are looking for someone to assist with your vacation property purchase or sale needs, we would highly recommend Samantha. It was a pleasure working with her and we are now fortunate enough to have developed a friendship and always look forward to catching up over a cold beverage when visiting our Mexican “second home”.

If you are looking for a realtor to sell or buy a house in Cabo, look no further!

We had a wonderful experience working with Samantha. We couldn’t believe how responsive she was to all of our requests and questions, and she knew far more than we ever hoped to about the process of selling our home in Mexico. She came to our first meeting enthusiastic and well prepared, and every interaction I had with her after that was the same. She proposed an efficient sale process, arranged for the staging and photographs, gave me good and thoughtfully critical advice. The sale went very well and we have decided to work with her again to sell an other property. We have worked with several realtors in Cabo in the past and Samantha is by far the best in town! If you are looking for a realtor to sell or buy a house in Cabo, look no further !

She has gone above and beyond what is typically expected of an agent.

Sam has been wonderful to work with. I trust her implicitly and respect her opinion and judgement. Her candor is truly welcome. She is not just going to push you to purchase a home, she will help you find what you want and need. I have worked with Sam in purchasing 2 properties. On both occasions she has gone above and beyond what is typically expected of an agent. One situation required getting a power of attorney, which she handled, along with taking care of my closing when I could not personally attend. Another situation arose with finding a bargain and putting the deal together quickly to allow me to not get into a bidding war. You will be impressed, happy and pleased you chose Sam to be your realtor in Cabo. I consider Sam to be a friend, a confidant and most of all a special person to know and deal with. It is an easy choice to make - pick Cabo Sam to help find your dream home.

We could not recommend Samantha enough for anyone looking for some peace of mind when buying or selling a home! Samantha is the BEST!

Words cannot express Samantha Ross! Samantha helped my husband and I sell our home in Cabo San Lucas. Samantha came to our first meeting enthusiastic, well prepared, beyond knowledgeable with the market, professional photographs, and financial strategy with the Mexican government. Samantha displays a high level of integrity and loyalty which allowed us to execute a Power of Attorney to her when our property sold since we could not attend the closing. This is something to be said! Now this is the best news yet! Not only does Samantha display the greatest professionalism and knowledge, she SOLD our house in 2 weeks close to asking price which we very happy with. With this being said, Samantha is very well regarded we listed an additional investment rental property with her which is going very well.

Thanks for your creativity and perseverance Samantha!

Samantha has proven her value for my wife and I with one Cabo home sold and another on the market. Then we’ll begin our search for a new one. Thanks for your creativity and perseverance Samantha!

I will definitely be using them as my brokers

I just spent three days with Samantha and Dean and although I haven't decided on a property yet I could not feel more comfortable with their guidance. They took me under their wing and treated me like family. When the right property pops up I will definitely be using them as my brokers!