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Buying Property in Mexico

Buying Property in Mexico

Our Online Tutorial

Do you have that favorite spot in Mexico?  Cervezas, tequila, sunshine, ocean breezes, breathtaking views?  Wherever it is in Mexico our online tutorial can help you understand what you need to know about buying property in Mexico.  While we are realtors in Los Cabos and focus on our backyard, this tutorial covers what you need to know and arms you well to start looking for property and a good realtor help you live your dream of a home in Mexico.  This tutorial covers buying in “Tourist Zones”.  If you are not buying in a Tourist Zone a few things will be different.  Most expat buyers will be buying in Tourist Zones.

The online tutorial covers:

Understanding your lifestyle and priorities – this helps you decide whether a house or condo and where its located are right for you

Property Ownership – just exactly how you own, more the same than different from home

The Fideicomiso – your property title in Mexico

Home Financing Options – options where you can’t afford to pay cash

Property Zoning – specific to Los Cabos but important anywhere you buy

Property Transfer Tax – upfront when you buy

Property Tax – a fraction of what you might expect

Capital Gains Tax – important to know when you sell and how to prepare for it

The Purchase Process – how you go from offer to keys!

Closing Costs – in addition to Property Transfer Tax there’s some other costs

Important mistakes to avoid when buying – tips to a great buying experience

Lastly, the Living section of our site offers tips and advice for living in Los Cabos, many of which will apply elsewhere in Mexico.

Have a look at the following video that guides you through the tutorial and then click on the button below it to get started.

How to use the Tutorial

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