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Furnishing a home in Los Cabos

Furnishing a home in Los Cabos

When relocating to Mexico, many options exist for furnishing your new home. Although most homes here are sold furnished, the furniture may either not be your style if you want some things from home.

Importing your furniture is always an option and may accelerate your settling into your new home. Many often ship those items that make a house a home, such as linens and kitchenware. Others opt to work with the furniture and trade things, not to your taste.

Shopping for furniture in Mexico is very different from shopping in places like the U.S. or Canada due to availability, style, and craftsmanship. So, what are our options:

Custom Furniture Made in Guadalajara

For the greatest variety and assortment of furniture from different materials with regular operating hours and conditions, you will want to head to one of the furniture zones in Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque & Tonala. The Tlaquepaque & Guadalajara areas have shops at all levels of quality, style, price, and workmanship. “Custom made” doesn’t cost more as everything IS CUSTOM MADE. Many of the factories in Tlaquepaque/Tonala will take your order and manufacture your furniture, allowing you to buy directly from the factory, passing middleman savings on to you. The Tonala area is known for beautiful leather furniture and upholstered and fine rustic finishes. The upside of going factory direct is that you get exactly what you want to deliver right to your door at a lower price than shopping in a furniture store. You can even contact businesses to take you on a guided tour of the Guadalajara furniture manufacturers.

There are also traditional cash and carry furniture stores with fine furniture as well as more commercial lines.

Second Hand Furniture

We can’t speak for anywhere else in Mexico, but Los Cabos has a robust used furniture scene whether you shop on Facebook Marketplace or head to a large, modern consignment store, like Tienda 17 in San Jose. There is a large, revolving inventory carrying many items up for sale to furnish your home. Also, check Craigslist as well.

Local Furniture Stores

Many local furniture stores like The Home Store, My Way Too, Casa Bonita, and Galerias El Truinfo feature Mexican and US-manufactured pieces. Prices vary depending on the store, quality, and origin of the items, with Mexican manufacturing tending to be less expensive than the U.S. There is also an Ashley Furniture in San Jose, which carries the same inventory as the U.S. stores; you may just have to wait for delivery.  

Grocery, Big Box, and Home Improvement Stores

Most of these types of stores offer some good options, especially for appliances and electronics. If there is a Costco or a Home Depot in your area, it is worth heading to those places to look around and compare prices and inventory. Costco also carries a variety of furniture that is good quality and inexpensive. Also, many Mexican chain grocery stores carry various household goods for purchase.

Buy Online

More and more, people are opting to shop online with trusted brands like Amazon, Wayfair, and Ikea. Items can be purchased online and delivered to a U.S. freight forwarder who will import the items and bring them down the Baja, delivering them to your door for a fee. Read more about freight forwarders.

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