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Making Los Cabos Home

Making Los Cabos Home

So, you have moved to Los Cabos, and now it’s time to settle in. Los Cabos is a fantastic home with excellent weather, a unique culture, and many great experiences just waiting to happen.


Los Cabos is one of the most pleasant places on earth, with sunny days and breezy most of the time, and the average temperature ranges between 75° F and 95°F, which may drop some days during Winter to 65°F. There is a short rainy season from June through October, with a few afternoons of heavy rains in August and September. More about weather in Los Cabos.


Los Cabos is well known for its flashy lifestyle and celebrity sightings, but if you look a little closer, the area is teeming with traditional Mexican culture and customs. Notice locals gathering in downtown plazas to take a leisurely afternoon walk while visiting with friends. Local ranchers and farmers continue traditions and supply their goods in farmer’s markets, which are worth visiting. Fishing is a mainstay in Los Cabos and is heavily relied upon both for sustenance and tourist dollars. 


As one of Mexico’s top destinations, Los Cabos is safe and experiences the same petty crimes any major tourist destination may experience, such as pickpocketing and cell phone theft.

For most travelers to Los Cabos, use the same travel commonsense you use anywhere. While Los Cabos is safe overall, it is possible to find trouble if you are looking for it. Remain aware of yourself and your surroundings. 


Los Cabos is a mecca for great food. Whether you are looking for Mexican, American, European, Asian, or any other cuisine, there is a food option for every taste. Choose from a street vendor selling their yummy wares to grabbing a quick taco from a to-go restaurant or enjoying a relaxing sit-down meal, and the options are endless. If five-star dining is more to your taste, you do not have to look far. Some excellent 5-star restaurants are catering to those more expensive budgets. Check out our blogs for more about dining experiences.

Grocery Shopping

The leading supermarket chains in Mexico are Walmart, Soriana, ChedrauiLa ComerFresko (a La Comer brand), and City Club (a Soriana warehouse store). There are also US-style membership stores like Costco and smaller specialty markets like Santa Carmela Market and Europa specializing in imported goods. Several small grocery stores offer staples and a good selection of fresh produce. In most cases, bring your carry-home bags or be ready to purchase them on-site. More about Grocery Shopping.


One of the favorite activities of locals or ex-pats is spending the day at the beach. Whether you pack a cooler for the day or purchase food items from street vendors on the beach, beach days are the best. Be sure to check and make sure if the beach you are going to is swimmable – most beaches in Los Cabos are not. Read the signs at the entrance to determine water conditions and whether your fur baby is welcome. More about beaches.


Everywhere you look, Los Cabos offers a variety of entertainment. Watch street performers perform shows along the marina and entertain you while dining. Make sure to put something in the hat passed around after the performance.

If live music is your thing, enjoy listening to musicians playing on street corners or in local bars. If you are up for an airconditioned, high-end movie experience, Los Cabos has several luxury theaters running first releases of movies. With Mexican subtitles! If clubbing is more your style, clubs along the main drag operate until the early hours, pumping out current sounds and pouring drinks. In Los Cabos, there is something for everybody. Read more in our Food, Sun & Fun Blogs.

Staying in Touch – Phones & Internet

Sorting out phones and the Internet is an early priority once you live in Los Cabos. Getting yourself set up and satisfied as you were back home can be a challenge. Telmex is a local phone company that provides both home phone and Internet and cellular service. More about the Internet, Land Lines and Cell Phones.

Mail Services & Freight Forwarding

Mexico will give you challenges for any ex-pat used to everyday living at home. Some things folks are very much used to are getting mail delivered at home, and their online purchases from eBay and Amazon delivered. Here in Los Cabos, it is different but not impossible. Read all about Mail Services & Freight Forwarding.

Communicating & Networking

As newbies to Los Cabos, you will be busy figuring things out and meeting new people. There are ways to do this effectively and efficiently. Check out our blog on Spanish, Communicating & Networking.

Furry Friends

Dogs are welcome almost everywhere in Los Cabos. From restaurants to selected beaches, our fur friends are welcome. Please keep your pet on a leash, ensure he’s well behaved and socialized, and your pup may get a specialty-made treat where you’re dining.

Beaches require your pet on a leash and are sure to clean up after him. Grooming is inexpensive, as are visits to the vet, and there are daycare and overnight care facilities for your pet that treat your little guy like a king. Don’t hesitate if you’re thinking about bringing your fur baby with you. Los Cabos is pet friendly! 

More about dogs in Los Cabos.

Read more about moving to Cabo in our handy Los Cabos Relocation Guide 

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