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Mail Services and Freight Forwarding

Mail Services and Freight Forwarding

For any ex-pat used to everyday living at home, Mexico will give you some challenges.  Some things folks are all very much used to is getting mail delivered at home and getting their on-line purchases from eBay and Amazon delivered.  Here in Los Cabos it’s different but not impossible.

Mail Service

Mexican postal service is notoriously poor. For most Canadians, Americans and Europeans who need mail service it can not be relied on to get you mail in a timely manner.

To answer this need, a number of mail service providers have been established with US postal addresses usually in San Diego. First you arrange for your mail to go to these San Diego addresses, your mail will be received and shipped to your provider’s local store in Todo Santos, Cabo San Lucas, San Jose Del Cabo or Los Barriles. There you can stop in and pick it up from your mailbox. The services are very reasonably priced and allow you to stay connected to home (if you so choose). Each of them offer freight forwarding services.

  • Baja Mail Cabo | Website | Cabo San Lucas
  • Mailboxes Cabo | Facebook | Cabo San Lucas
  • Baja Mail Los Barriles | Website | Los Barriles
  • Baja Mail Todo Santos | Website | Todo Santos
  • Postall | Website | Todo Santos and San Jose Del Cabo

Freight Forwarding

Los Cabos is like an island with most things being brought in from mainland Mexico or the United States. Many things you may want might be difficult to find locally.

There are many “Freight Forwarders” who will bring you want you want down the Baja and either deliver it to your home or to a pick-up point. Let’s say you find the perfect living room furniture set in a showroom in the states and the seller will ship it anywhere in the lower 48 states. You have it shipped to your forwarder who will receive it at their warehouse location (typically San Diego) and then will ship it down the Baja to you. Freight Forwarders typically operate on fee based on a % of the value of the goods you are shipping (not including shipping to their location).

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