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Plastics Ban and Recycling Options in Los Cabos

Plastics Ban and Recycling Options in Los Cabos

No more plastic

Starting August 2019 the sale and use of plastic bags, cups, straws, cutlery, Styrofoam containers, and coolers was banned throughout the Baja. Many major stores sell eco-friendly bags to their customers while others encourage patrons to bring cloth bags or cardboard boxes when shopping. While there are still plastic containers for food delivery and for use in hospitals, over the next 2 years the use of plastic will be phased out completely. To date, there is no word on eliminating plastic bottles.

Recycling in Los Cabos

Los Cabos recycling facilities are very limited simply because Los Cabos is too small to support the cost to develop a recycling plant. Although recycling options are extremely limited here in Los Cabos, there are some available.  In downtown Cabo San Lucas,  you can take your recycling to Plaza Los Mariachis. That’s the plaza on the backside of Cabo Wabo, where Rips and Jungle Bar are. You’ll find the recycling bins along the far wall as you enter the plaza, next to Jungle Bar. You can take your cans (aluminum and tin), paper, plastics (but not bags) and newspapers.

There’s also “Yo Reciclo”, an organization that hosts monthly recycling events in Cabo and San Jose.  From 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on the first Thursday of the month, Yo Reciclo sets up tents to receive clear glass bottles, metals, plastics (except Styrofoam), thick cardboard, computer equipment (except monitors), small home appliances (except TVs), cellphones and accessories, edible vegetable oil, ink cartridges and toners of HP, Samsung and Xerox printers. In San Jose, Yo Reciclo sets up at Avenida Copa Mexico (outside of the basketball court, next to the stadium). In Cabo San Lucas, you can find them at the parking lot of the baseball stadium. for more information.

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