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CFE and Credit

CFE and Credit

Many people end up being concerned about having the bill in their name or not in their name if you have just sold your property.  The fear and concern comes from home in the US or Canada where the name on the bill is important because of credit extended by the utility company.  Using electricity with someone else’s name on the bill or with your name still on the bill and you don’t live there anymore is uncomfortable for most.  In Mexico, CFE’s isn’t as concerned about who’s name is on the bill and they are about the bill getting paid.

CFE cuts you off

Regardless of the name on the bill, if you don’t pay the bill, you will be cut-off.  You will stay cut-off until the bill gets paid again.  It’s just that simple.

New Property Owner

When a new property owner takes possession, it may take a while before they will have their property title.  This is needed to get the CFE electricity bill into your name.  Don’t worry about the bill being in the previous owners name.  JUST PAY THE BILL!


When you are a renter you will never get the bill in your name.  CFE won’t allow it.  The name on the bill stays with the owner of the house.  You as tenant will need to pay the bill or you will get cut-off.  JUST PAY THE BILL!

Departing Property Owner

When a you are a departing property owner having just sold your property, don’t have CFE shut off the supply.  This will create a HUGE inconvenience for the buyer.  Foreigners worry that somehow they will owe money unless they cut off the service and get their name off the bill.  This is not true.  The new owner will need to pay the bill.  If they don’t pay the bill, the electricity will be cut-off.  You will owe nothing.

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