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Bed sizes in Mexico

Bed sizes in Mexico

When you move to Mexico, most people typically bring sheets that fit your bed home, but they may not fit your new bed here. Why? Mattress sizes differ from country to country, and Mexican-made sheets do not fit US and Canadian mattresses. Bed sizes can vary worldwide due to differences in manufacturing and various countries’ criteria.

This information is handy when purchasing mattresses for your home in Mexico or when purchasing sheets and blankets in Mexico for your beds in the US. Although the difference in sizing is minimal, your US bedding may not fit your Mexican mattress and vice versa. Differences in mattress measurements are a factor when moving from the US or Canada to Mexico.

Below we have provided exact calculations in both inches and centimeters to help you figure out your correct bed size:

North American Bed Sizes





38” x 74”

96.5 cm x 188 cm

Twin Extra Long
/ California

38” x 80”

96.5 cm x 203 cm

Full / Double

54” x 75”

137 cm x 190 cm


60” x 80”

152 cm x 190 cm

Olympic Queen

66” x 80”

167 cm x 203 cm


76” x 80”

193 cm x 203 cm

California King

72” x 84”

182 cm x 213 cm

Mexican Bed Sizes




Individual (Twin)

39.37” x 74.80’

100 cm x 190 cm


53.15” x 74.80”

135 cm x 190 cm


59.06” x 74.80”

150 cm x 190 cm


74.80” x 78.74”

190 cm x 200 cm


76.74” x 76.74”

200 cm x 200 cm

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